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Once you GO, you never stop.

Go Engineering Inc is a leading provider of full service engineering solutions for industrial and manufacturing environments.

Our team is equipped with diverse and extensive experience, and are able to work in any manufacturing setting.

Available on-site whenever you need us, from consultation, design, engineering, implementation and follow-up. For as long as you need.

  • Go. Before You Start.

    GO. Before You Start.

    Go Engineering Inc can design push button easy solutions for the start up of your manufacturing or industrial site. In this situation, it is best to be proactive in order to avoid problems later.

    Go can eliminate potential and existing troubles with our expertise in the regulations, laws and engineering that go into the verification of machine or process safety.

  • Go. Before You Stop.

    GO. Before You Stop.

    There are occasions when you need to be sure. Others when you want to go above and beyond.

    In the manufacturing environment it is necessary to continually improve and remain proactive. If one doesn't, we all know the result: A negative visit from an inspector. Or worse.

    Go Engineering Inc will help you avoid these headaches, and ensure they never occur.

  • Go. Restart.

    GO. Restart.

    So, you've had a visit from an inspector and it didn't go well.

    From consultation, design, implementation, training to follow-up, Go Engineering Inc is your one stop solution for obtaining compliance and getting back into production.

  • Go. Above and Beyond.

    GO. Above and Beyond.

    With Go, always expect something extra.

    Project Management: Maintain your position above the rest with Go's expertise in both the legal and engineering issues that you may deal with.

    Go Engineering Inc can translate and communicate the engineering and legal requirements that you are faced with. Clearly.

    When it comes to safety, it's always best to Go above and Go beyond.