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About This Website

goeng.ca was created with every effort in regards to maintaining consitency between browsers, and ensuring compatibility with W3C standards. However, goeng.ca has been optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7® (and higher) and Mozilla Firefox 1.5® (and higher). goeng.ca will render efficiently at screen resolutions as low as 800x600 pixels, but is optimized for screen resolutions at 1024x768 pixels and higher. The majority of copy (textual content) on goeng.ca has been developed by or in co-operation with Pensells Copywriting and is © by Go Engineering Inc. All programmed code on goeng.ca is © footPath Media Services unless otherwise specified. goeng.ca uses standardized technologies such as XHTML 1.0, CSS2, PHP4/5, Javascript, mySQL. The imagery on goeng.ca has been created or purchased by footPath Media Services on behalf of Go Engineering Inc, and is © by either Go Engineering Inc, footPath Media Services, and/or their respective owners. All graphics and designs on goeng.ca have been created by footPath Media Services and are © Go Engineering Inc.